From the street to the ocean

Christof Peller and Maurus Strobel are the faces behind Indiana SUP. The two Zurich natives share a long friendship that began with Indiana Skateboards. In 1989, Christof Peller, the founder of Indiana Skateboards, started producing his first skateboards in his parents’ laundry room. In no time, Indiana Skateboards captured the skate scene in Switzerland and the team riders brought home European and world champion titles.

In 2010, the brand entered a new world and Indiana SUP was founded. With equally high demands, Indiana SUP also wanted to offer standup paddleboarding products that were characterised by the most recent innovations, state-of-the-art shapes and the highest quality. That’s the only way to guarantee the best safety and the most fun on the water.

The Indiana SUP family consists of the two founders Maurus and Christof, creative and detail-oriented designers and shapers, highly specialised manufacturers and highly motivated team riders.

Left: Maurus Strobel | Right: Christof Peller

Picture: Jürg Kaufmann